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If you are looking for a free cryptocurrency website, this Altcoin Fantasy Review may help you! An Honest Altcoin Fantasy Review for you!

We will also weigh whether altcoin fantasy games are fun. If you have heard of altcoin fantasy and want to know what it is about, please continue reading to understand.


Is altcoin’s fantasy legit or a scam?


Altcoin fantasy is a cryptocurrency transaction simulator that allows people to trade various cryptocurrencies in a real environment without any financial risk.

This is similar to the demo account provided by securities companies, which provide this account to those who want to try trading first without any currency risk.

Unlike altcoin fantasy, they also provide you with the opportunity to earn some real cryptocurrency through its transaction simulator.

Based on what I have seen so far, I can say that this opportunity is very reasonable. You can trade cryptocurrencies in real-world conditions without any financial risk.

Altcoin fantasy Overview

When a player registers altcoin fantasy for the first time, he will see a list of ongoing competitions. Click “go to competition” to bring up the main menu of the competition.

Each player has a $10000 fantasy coin to start with. Players can conduct simulated transactions and buy bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Wright coin or other coins.

There are 144 different passwords in the game.

The game has different lengths. 7 to 14 days seems to be the average time. During the game, the real price of each coin will be tracked, and the player’s fantasy portfolio value will move up or down according to these price changes.

After the competition, the player with the highest portfolio value will win the prize.

In our test, we found that the prizes were BTC and surf coins. However, this may be because the competition we participated in was sponsored by mercuriex. Other competitions may have different sponsors and different cryptocurrency awards.

Participation in the competition is completely free. Players only need to register and start trading virtual currency to win prizes.

How does Altcoin Fantasy work?


In addition to providing competition rewards for advanced players, altcoin fantasy also provides participation and recommendation rewards in the form of ACF points and loyalty points.

ACF points

ACF points can be used to participate in special competitions. Developers claim that these competitions provide more generous bonuses than regular competitions.

A player trades at least once a day. He can rotate a wheel and reward 100 to 5000 ACF points.

In addition, players can earn 2500 ACF points for each friend they recommend. Players who want more ACF points can get various rewards by performing various tasks. For example, enabling web notifications or joining mercuriex discord or telegraph groups can earn players 1000 ACF points.

Loyalty Points


Players gain loyalty points by participating in competitions, trading and reaching altcoin fantasy level.

Loyalty points can be redeemed for NFT rewards. For example, an ACF Lamborghini collection can be purchased with 200 loyalty points, or a Gen 1 blockchain cutie can be purchased with 100 loyalty points.

These collections are in limited supply every day. Therefore, if a player finds that the NFT he wants has sold out, he may have to save his loyalty points until it is back in inventory.

Altcoin fantasy is a cryptocurrency trading game that allows you to trade assets using real-world conditions without using real cryptocurrency.

To start trading, you just need to open an account with them. It’s simple and free. You can choose to open an account using your Facebook or email address.

Once you complete your registration, you can start trading cryptocurrencies. Before doing so, it is recommended that you first conduct their introductory visit to understand the working principle of the game.

This will not only let you understand how altcoin fantasy works, but also win you 500 ACF points. When you start trading, you will start with a virtual currency of $10000.

When you run out of coins, you can use coins to buy more virtual currencies. The website has a market where you can buy various currencies that you can use in the game.

As mentioned above, the website also provides the opportunity to earn some cryptocurrency, which is where you get points. Once you get enough points, you can exchange them for various rewards.

Now, the website provides you with different ways to win points, and tourism is the first.

You can also share your bonus on Facebook or twitter and get points. Enabling web notifications on the site will also earn you some points and post altcoin fantasy on instagram.

You can even create a 5000 point blog post. Many ways to earn points require you to perform various activities on the site.

Typically, these activities are related to tracking accounts, enabling notifications, or answering some surveys on the website.

However, if you want to continue to earn ACF points, recommending others is a way. Every time someone joins with your unique recommendation link, you can get 1100 points.

Now, your ACF points can be exchanged for various awards. You only need to reach the minimum points required for redemption. Available rewards you can redeem include:

  • Common currency
  • Monetary base
  • BRD wallet token
  • Eye muscle
  • Eth currency
  • Annual professional transaction view subscription
  • Binary currency
  • Ethernet robot part
  • Cryptocurrency

Altcoin fantasy pros and cons


Altcoin fantasy Pros

  • Altcoin fantasy provides an opportunity to earn real cryptocurrency. It’s good that the website provides a cryptocurrency transaction simulator, but even better, they also provide an opportunity to earn actual cryptocurrency.
  • Altcoin’s fantasy is that it can be used for free. You do not need to pay registration fee or deposit when opening an account.

Altcohen fantasy Cons

  • The only thing I don’t like about altcoin is that not all the rewards it offers are available in some countries.

Altcoin fantasy function

  • Free play
  • No risk!
  • The team can respond quickly and implement functional suggestions quickly
  • Use the same coin set as the real exchange to trade at a realistic and up-to-date encrypted price
  • Weekly interesting sponsorship competition
  • Compete with the world’s top players and test your skills
  • Real prizes, such as bitcoin, Ethereum, BRD wallet token, etc

Altcoin fantasy registration

It’s easy to start. Just sign up for an altcoin fantasy account and compete. The game is free and there are always multiple games going on. Altcoin fantasy has a web application that can also be used on Android and IOS.

How to make money from altcoin fantasy?


Altcoin fantasy uses real-time data collected directly from real-time order books of real exchanges. Using these data, altcoin fantasy supports simulated transactions of more than 1600 coins.

You can buy and sell coins on altcoin fantasy, just like buying and selling coins on an ordinary exchange. Your portfolio will fall or rise according to price changes. You can test different strategies to maximize your profits. Of course, the main difference is that you don’t risk any real money.

In general, altcoin fantasy is known as the “best fantasy encrypted transaction game”. Anyone can hone his trading skills without losing his hard-earned savings.

After registering altcoin fantasy for the first time, you can start participating in the weekly competition. If you participate in the competition, you will start with $10000 in virtual cash. You can then buy and sell any cryptocurrency.

The goal is to achieve the highest balance at the end of the game. The player with the largest balance wins the real cryptocurrency. Yes, you don’t have to bet on real crypto on altcoin fantasy, but you can win real crypto. Some prizes also list competition prizes in US dollars. For example, in a game at the end of June, the winner was given $650. The top 50 traders will win a share.

The Main functions of the platform include:



Select an available competition from different sponsors. You can browse the competition list using the website or application. Check the prizes of each game and participate in any game for free. You will start the game with $10000 in virtual dollars. Your goal is to buy cryptocurrency and appreciate the most at the end of the game. If you can do this, you will win the prize.


After signing up for the competition, you will receive $10000 in virtual dollars. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies throughout the competition to maximize revenue.


Some competitions leave everything to the champion. Other competitions distribute bonuses to the top 50 or 100 traders. You can win bitcoin, starlumen, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, although some competitions also list prizes in dollars.

Altcoin fantasy promises to give hundreds of dollars a week for free. You can win real money without saving anything on the platform.

What is the trap behind the Altcoin fantasy? How does the company distribute real currency and cryptocurrency without requiring users to deposit any real currency?

Well, crypto fantasy has worked with many companies to create its competition. These companies sponsor competitions and provide bonuses.

In some competitions, you need to choose the marketing promotion of the company that will sponsor the competition. However, you can choose not to accept this kind of marketing in the future.

As of June 2018, crypto fantasy claimed to have more than 9700 players and completed more than 200000 transactions in total. Crypto fantasy has distributed more than $5000 in bonuses.

Altcoin fantasy withdrawal


Importantly, altcoin fantasy has its exit restrictions. There are usually at least 10000 Satoshi, and it is difficult for beginners to earn so much quickly.

Altcoin fantasy Referral Program

  • Altcoin Fantasy Award: 2500 ACF points
  • The person you recommend must register with your recommendation link. They can also add your recommendation code (your user name) to the mobile application.
  • Referrals from temporary or one-time email addresses are not allowed.
  • Referrals must confirm their email address.
  • The recommender must participate in at least one competition and trade.
  • Self recommendation (from the same IP or device) is not allowed. No points will be scored and an immediate ban will be imposed on accounts found to involve themselves.
  • We validate all referrals before giving scores.
  • After completing all the above steps, ACF points will be credited to your account.
  • Up to 25 referrals per account.
  • Use your referral link to invite your friends to altcoin fantasy.


Is Altcoin Fantasy worth it?

Altcoin Fantasy is designed for those who want to know more about cryptocurrency transactions without any risk.

It is also designed for those looking for opportunities to earn cryptocurrency coins rather than trade.

Altcoin is a cryptocurrency transaction simulator that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies in the real world without using real currencies.

But the site’s products are more than that, because they also provide the opportunity to earn some cryptocurrency coins.

You can earn points by performing various activities in altcoin fantasy and redeem them for rewards. You just need to be a member to enjoy these functions. Registration is simple and free.

In the next section, I will discuss in more detail how this opportunity works.

Almost all people and critics who have tried altcoin fantasy are interested in this opportunity.

They all said that the website is a good way for people, especially novices, to understand cryptocurrency transactions and operate without any financial risk.

Of course, this does not mean that altcoin’s fantasy is no problem. As mentioned above, people have encountered some problems in this opportunity.

But the only important thing I see is that not everyone can get all the rewards. I’ve seen some members complain that they can’t deliver the rewards they want.

The company responded that some awards are not available in some countries, so you need to ensure that the awards you want to redeem are available in your country.



Altcoin fantasy is a great game for players who want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. It is essentially a free “demo account”, similar to the account provided by foreign exchange and stock brokers, allowing novice traders to learn.

Plus it provides NFT rewards and cryptocurrency rewards, you have the secret of great success.

At this point, we must point out that the game is funded by advertising. Players who want to open a real encrypted trading account may be affected by this advertisement, and they may eventually choose the wrong broker. Then they may choose the right agent.

The bottom line: if you decide to trade with real gold and silver after playing altcoin fantasy, you may need to do some research on the broker before opening an account. The person sponsoring the latest altcoin fantasy competition may or may not be suitable for you.

However, being able to trade fantasy cryptocurrency and get a real cryptocurrency reward is a huge benefit. And to see advertising, this is a very small price.

So in general, altcoin fantasy is a very suitable product for novice cryptocurrency traders.

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