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My Honest Bitcoin Era Review for you! The bitcoin era is a platform that allows its users to generate profits through bitcoin transactions, even in volatile markets. This review is about the bitcoin era, an automatic trading software that helps people trade cryptocurrencies.

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Main Features of the bitcoin Era

Free use: the platform is 100% free. Users can register accounts, deposit and withdraw money free of charge. Traders can get 100% of their income on the platform without brokerage fees or handling fees.

Network based platform: the bitcoin era is a network-based platform, which means that it does not need any download or support tools. The platform is compatible with all network devices with normal Internet connection. Its users can access the platform from a variety of devices, such as laptops, iPads, desktops and smartphones.

Support multiple currencies: the bitcoin era allows users to trade legal tender and cryptocurrency. The platform supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including XRP, dash, litecoin, bitcoin cash, monero, Ethereum and bitcoin. The legal currencies supported by the trading platform include US dollar, euro and Swiss franc.


What is the bitcoin era?

The bitcoin era is a trading platform that allows its customers to trade using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (2). The creators claim that bitcoin era runs an innovative algorithm to process fluctuating encrypted market data and generate profitable trading signals. The creator confirmed that these bitcoin era trading signals provide profitable currency pairs, such as bitcoin / US dollar or BTC / US dollar, with an accuracy of 99.4%.

Members of the platform also confirmed the ease of use of the software and the accuracy of prediction. David Williams of Phoenix said: “I’ve been trading on bitcoin for a year, but I lost money because I traded on multiple platforms. However, in the bitcoin era, the situation is different. Accurate forecasting, leveraged trading and lightning order execution are the unique functions of the trading platform.

Bitcoin era uses a unique algorithm to monitor the market and emphasize the profit channels or accurate trading signals described by the creators, so that users can make full use of their investments. The algorithm also provides users with an in-depth understanding of profitable currency pairs (such as BTC / USD). The success rate of this tool or platform is high.

The bitcoin era is easy to use. Even individuals or traders who have no previous experience with the tool / platform can use it and enjoy significant returns. The platform uses the trading rules preset by traders to provide the most favorable options with low risk level. Traders using bitcoin era tools can make a profit by investing a few minutes on the platform. Users can also choose to change their trading preferences at any time of the day.

How does the bitcoin era work?

Bitcoin era can be used manually or automatically. In manual mode, traders can select the assets to be traded from the options generated by the software. In automatic mode, when finding profit opportunities, the platform uses complex algorithms to invest on behalf of traders.

Bitcoin era is the world’s leading accurate and complex trading platform, allowing users to trade in multiple currencies. Bitcoin era can be used for free and supports all browsers connected to the Internet. Bitcoin era is one of the most respected trading applications in the cryptocurrency market.

Trading platforms in the cryptocurrency market usually cooperate with different exchanges to allow their customers to trade in one or more cryptocurrencies (3). Different trading platforms provide different services. Some may only allow bitcoin transactions, or may provide market price statistics, which customers must analyze. Some platforms are more specialized, providing customers with transaction analysis, transaction signals and automatic transaction functions. The creators of the bitcoin era claim that their software is very complex. It collects price data in real time, processes the data, and then generates profitable transaction signals. Bitcoin era provides a number of strategies based on the customer’s risk profile.

According to the options provided by this platform, you can use demonstration trading, manual trading and automatic trading options. Beginners can use demonstration trading to trade in virtual currency in the on-site market, and conduct training before entering the on-site trading. Manual trading is for experts who are sure of their skills. The user can navigate to the automatic transaction and select some parameters, and the software will execute the transaction.

Is the bitcoin era legal or a scam?

Bitcoin era100% legal, is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading software in the market. Bitcoin era is famous for its accuracy and high-end security measures. The bitcoin era helps experienced new traders get the maximum return on investment from the encryption market. The platform is a certified and validated encrypted market trading application.

Bitcoin era Pros and Cons


Bitcoin era Pros

  • The transaction success rate reported by users is high
  • Simple and fast registration and verification process
  • Including automatic and manual transaction modes
  • Comes with a built-in demo account for risk-free learning
  • Customer service is always available for immediate support

Bitcoin era Cons

  • Few trading pairs are more prone to risk
  • For some people, the minimum deposit of $250 may be very high
  • Mobile applications need further improvement


Trusted trading software: the success rate of the platform is impressive. Bitcoin era is considered to be one of the most trusted and reliable platforms in the encryption market because of its high accuracy.

User friendly platform: bitcoin era has a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to set up. People who have never invested in or traded cryptocurrencies can easily use the platform. Anyone can use the software and begin to get consistent benefits.

Start trading now: in the bitcoin era, there is a fast account verification system that allows users to trade and start making profits within a few minutes after registration. The authentication process is mandatory to ensure the security and privacy of each user. Bitcoin era website requires users to provide payment details and accurate user information for verification.

Convenient fund access: registered users in the bitcoin era can use MasterCard, American Express, visa, discover and other working credit and debit cards to deposit and withdraw money. However, the platform also accepts e-wallets such as skrill and NETELLER. Users may wish to deposit their funds with their preferred bank or financial institution within one day or less than 24 hours after submitting the withdrawal request.

Low starting point Investment: Although traders in the bitcoin era need to deposit at least $250, they only need to invest $25 to start online trading. This means that traders do not have to invest all their deposits. Anyone can start trading on this platform for $25.

Demo trading account: those who are keen on investing in cryptocurrency but have no experience can learn trading through demo trading account. Demo accounts help users understand how the bitcoin era works and what is expected to happen.

How to register in the bitcoin Era?

Traders willing to invest in cryptocurrency through the bitcoin era platform must register a trading account free of charge by submitting an application form. The form can be found on the home page of the official website of the bitcoin era. Applicants can expect to have access to the trading software soon after submitting a formally completed form without hiding costs or fees.

First, people must visit the official website of the platform and register on it. There is a registration form on the “home page” of the website. Interested users must provide accurate details and fill in. After entering details, users will be able to access the private member area immediately.

How to make money in the bitcoin era?


At this stage, the automation software will verify the information provided by the user, including personal details and bank details. Bitcoin era helps protect users’ accounts from fraud and fraud, which is common in the field of encryption.

Finally, the software encrypts the user’s transaction account under a secure system. They then allow traders to set custom passwords for themselves so that only they can access their accounts.

The platform allows customers to select and convert transaction modes according to their preferences. If they want the software to trade on their behalf, they should choose assistance mode. When they are ready to execute their own transactions, they can also switch to manual mode.

Traders also need to determine and adjust parameters according to their own requirements. When the Trading Robot brings potential profitable trading opportunities to users, it must understand users’ preferences and bring the most appropriate transactions to users.

Trading software in the bitcoin era provides its customers with a practice account. It allows users to become familiar with the software and expose them to the world of encrypted transactions. The account contains virtual credit, and users can make false transactions.

Now, after completing all the necessary formalities, the user can execute the transaction order directly. The bitcoin era will provide the most appropriate trading opportunities for each user according to their trading parameters. If they turn on “assistance mode”, the software will also execute these commands for them. It allows users to win every transaction executed because the success rate of the software is 99.4%.

The developers of the software encourage users to collect profits every day and transfer them to a savings account. It only takes a few minutes to complete the withdrawal process, and the profits will be stored in the user’s account within 24-36 hours.

Bitcoin era withdrawal

This may be the most important step when it comes to opening a trading account and starting a transaction. Users need to provide the platform with their bank details and deposit some start-up funds. $250 is the minimum deposit that allows them to start with small orders.

Is the bitcoin era worth it?


The bitcoin era is a user-friendly platform. Anyone interested in cryptocurrency trading can use the platform with minimum risk and maximum profit in three simple steps.

Once the deposit is completed, the user can choose between automatic and manual transaction options through the platform. In the bitcoin era, special algorithms are used to find the most profitable cryptocurrency in automatic mode to obtain the maximum return. Suppose the user selects the automatic transaction option. In this case, the platform will start working immediately and invest in cryptocurrency according to the preferences set by the user when registering the account.

In manual mode, users can gain insight into the market trend of cryptocurrency investment. The platform emphasizes the time and amount of investment for maximum return. Traders finally decide whether to invest in the opportunities offered.


We can conclude that the bitcoin era is a legitimate platform that can help you make profits every day. Bitcoin ear is an easy-to-use trading platform. The success rate of the platform is over 88%; Therefore, the profit and conversion rate are very high. All news reports of bitcoin era scams were found to be false.

But don’t think it’s financial advice. Do your own research before investing. Although the platform in the bitcoin era has a winning rate of 88%, it still has a chance when the market fluctuates; Crypto traders may lose money.

Bitcoin era is powerful, but it is recommended that traders start with a small amount of investment. You can bear losses and increase their accounts by reinvesting their profits using their trading strategies. This saves traders losses, and when you understand the process, the portfolio will gradually grow.

Although the bitcoin era seems accurate, it is not without risks. In addition, crypto traders should not trade at a loss they cannot afford; Start trading in the bitcoin era with very little money.

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