Blockchain poker has been operating for five years and keeps a changelog with all the new features added month after month, proving the commitment of the team behind the project.Now let’s review Blockchain poker from a player and affiliate perspective.

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What is Blockchain poker ?

Blockchain poker appeared on the poker market at the beginning of 2021 year. What makes Blockchain Poker different from other poker rooms is that it offers you a unique way to play anonymously, like if you were using a self-service. It’s an online poker room where players don’t need to register nor verify their accounts.  On Blockchain Poker the currency are chips, and the poker room offers payment methods only via Bitcoin and other BTC forks as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Each chip is worth one satoshi (as the supposed-to-be name of the creator of Bitcoin is); 100,000,000 satoshis are in one bitcoin. New players automatically receive 100 satoshis to play with. Blockchain Poker allows their player to create tables and tournaments. That’s why if you don’t find tables that match your stakes, in every moment you can create tables for your favorite stakes. If you are looking for a Bitcoin-friendly poker room, we also recommend checking SwC Poker, Nitrogen Sports, and Crypto Poker Club.


Blockchain poker pros and cons

Blockchain poker pros

1.Accepted by the United States, Australia and Canada

2.Free deposit free bonus

3.Support bitcoin, bitcoin cash and bitcoin SV

4.Compatible with Mac, PC and mobile phone

5.Up to 50% fallback

6.Low risk crazy action

7.You can play pseudonym poker with just your username and password, and you don’t even need email.

8.Lot of micro level games going on.

9.Fast and simple interface that works in all devices including mobile devices

Blockchain poker cons

1.No sports betting or casino games

2.Very few medium- or high stakes poker games availablePossible

3.Very basic graphics with minimal animations


Is Blockchain poker legit ?

Blockchain poker is a legal platform. Blockchain.Poker has implemented many policies to ensure that your money, personal identity and poker game experience are completely safe.

And Bitfun provides an original way to roll dice. If you are a crypto gambler and fancy entertainment and gambling, you will certainly spend some time betting coins in this online casino.


How does Blockchain poker work?

In order to let you enter the game as soon as possible, Blockchain poker provides you with free credit of 250 chips without deposit. You can get 100 bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin Sv (BSV) and 50 bitcoins (BTC). Every 100 chips allocated is equivalent to one-millionth of the encrypted coin.

That is to say, all these 250 chips together are only worth a little more than 1 cent, so the people of blockchain Poker will not send the house away. However, this is a real free money gift to users. You may use it to increase the bet and finally quit.

You don’t need to do anything special to claim these chips; They will credit your account immediately when they open an account. The website supports 1 / 2 ring tables for each of the three cryptocurrencies, so you can find the game in the free chips initially allocated.

If you, unfortunately, lose this initial share, you can make up at any time by clicking the cake icon near the upper right corner of the window displaying the balance.


Affiliate program

There is an Affiliate Program available,if you want to refer Blockchain Poker to your friends. The Affiliate Program gives you 8 % of the total rake generated by the players you bring in.

You just go to Blockchain Poker and create your own player account. You can find the Affiliate Program and the link you can share to your friends in the Menu.


Blockchain poker features

  1. Blockchain poker was established in 2016. You can play cash games, impromptu tournaments and regular tournaments here. The only type of poker currently available is No Limit Texas Hold’em, which is an online cryptocurrency poker room. 
  2. For each of the 3 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, the bonus can reach 100 Satoshi. Blockchain Poker provides all new customers with a free no deposit bonus of 300 Satoshi. When you run out, the bonus can loop indefinitely, which is great. Read more about no deposit bonuses here.


How to earn free crypto from Blockchain poker?

Click “start” to start. Blockchain poker will create an anonymous account for you without submitting identity information or even email addresses.

You can see your BCH balance in the upper right corner of the screen.Blockchain pokerwill be 100 Satoshi (each Satoshi is 1/100000000 of a coin). Switch between BTC or BSV by using the drop-down menu, or change your currency.

The chips granted when creating a new account are not enough to buy any higher bet games, so you can only use 1 / 2 of the cash game table first. By default, you will be taken to the 1 / 2 bitcoin cash table, and you can join by clicking the open seat.

There are also sit-ins and competitions that you can enter as long as the purchase is 100 chips or less. In addition, you may prefer 1 / 2 BTC and BSV tables to the default 1 / 2 BCH game. To enter games other than those displayed by default, click hall in the upper left corner of the table.

After opening a new account on Blockchain poker, you can click on the red exclamation mark in the lower right corner of the table view, if you are interested in saving the account for later use. This way you can set a password to protect your account. If you do not perform this step, your account will still be saved and you can access it again on the same device later.

However, if you switch browsers or hardware, you may not be able to retrieve the saved coin balance. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that once you have established any considerable balance on Blockchain poker, you save your account by entering your password for future use.

Blockchain poker does not have many kinds of games and a small number of games. This happens only when smaller sites run in only encrypted space. Nevertheless, it has been growing steadily since its inception, and the peak flow is now comparable to other BTC friendly rooms, such as nitrogen movement.

 How to withdraw from blockchain poker?

You only need to paste your address (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin BTC) to apply for withdrawal, with a minimum amount of 100,000, which can be credited to your wallet almost immediately.

Withdrawals using Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV are free!

You can also now convert to other fashion trends in these three worlds. This conversion is achieved through the sideshift plug-in on the LinkTi website. supports more than 20 fashion trends, such as Ethereum, Wright, lumen, monero, usdt, dash, dogecoin and zcash.

Blockchain Bitcoin natively supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin S (BSV).

You can also test currencies for obtaining dollars or euros through, but I don’t have that option right now. Paxful is a peer-to-peer financial platform for bitcoin transactions.


Is Blockchain poker worth it?

In addition to the no deposit bonus and frequent free reprints, there is a promotion that may bring you continuous value every day you play. When you grind on the table, poker will reward you with points. You can exchange these points for additional coins to increase your balance.

You will have three independent points, one for every three passwords, and there are three kinds of reward points. We can’t find an accurate formula for calculating points, but the reward list peddles blockchain poker feedback equivalents between 1% and 50%. When you exchange more points, the equivalents will become higher.



In our opinion, Blockchain poker sharing is welcomed and promoted to tourists. We will get good rewards from it. But free chips (or even beauty) are a successful strategy to attract players’ casual attention. The correlation between these two markets (that market) is not that high. It may be the reason why the website lacks traffic. If this website has made some improvement, it should be recommended.

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