This is my honest review of Coinbulb. Is Coinbulb Legit or Scam? Coinbulb is the faucet of bitcoin. It has been online since 2016. It seems to be legal, but we are not sure yet. We have not reached the minimum withdrawal of 20000 satoshis.

We examined different comments on Coinbulb and people have different views. We found a lot of payment vouchers, but we also found a lot of people complaining that they didn’t get the money. Coinbulb will also deactivate each account after 60 days, and then you will lose all recommendations and your balance in coinbulb. It’s really too harsh. It’s not necessary. As you can see, the experience of coinbulb is different for everyone.

Main features of Coinbulb

Registration date: August 8, 2016

Revenue options: Paid viewing, daily bonus, recommending others and buying.

Minimum cashout rate: 0.2 mbtc (manual) and 0.05 mbtc (faucet)

Payment method: mbtc

Referral system: 60%

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What is coinbulb?

Coinbulb is a paid browsing website. It “claims” that in addition to recommending others, it also Rewards members who conduct paid activities on the website. Each click can get a maximum reward of 0.00110 mbtc. PagA requires anyone interested in their services to first create a free account. Once you become a member, you can get up to 0.00110 mbtc per click and 60% to 100% recommendation bonus.

Coinbulb is a PTC website where you can earn bitcoin by clicking on ads – or, if you are an advertiser, you can promote your products or services through this website (PTC stands for pay per click)

But the question is, is it legal or a scam? Can they really make money as “clickers” or advertisers? I’ve done digging to find the answer & amp; In this review, I will reveal everything you need to know.

Therefore, if you have been considering joining coinbulb, you can rest assured that you have reached the right position to see whether it is really worth it. At this point, let’s have a deep understanding of the whole content of it.

How does coinbulb work?


As I mentioned briefly above, coinbulb is a PTC website that represents pay per click. As the name suggests, this is a website that will pay (or should pay) for your clicks on advertising.

This is not the first PTC website I encountered. In fact, I have encountered many, but unfortunately, although there are some legal websites, many of them are actually scams. Well, I can confirm from the beginning that coinbulb is not a hoax. So coinbulb is indeed a legal website, it will pay for Click Advertising – but although it is legal, I still won’t recommend it, because in my opinion, it has some problems, and you will find more when reading this comment

If you check their terms of service, you will find the following sentence: “we have the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason, including but not limited to disrespect for our terms of service.” They never explain what these so-called “effective reasons” are. This is a bad sign and does not help to give legitimacy.

But if you put the cool TOS aside, coinbulb does a good job. It looks great and works flawlessly. The interface is very intuitive, and you can find everything with one or two clicks. Coinbulb doesn’t display too many advertisements, which makes the experience of using coinbulb very good.

People are usually skeptical about these PTC websites because they think they can’t pay you just for clicking. Well, half of this is true – they don’t pay you just for clicking. Instead, you have to click on an ad & amp; Then you have to look at a specific period of time before making money, usually 20 to 30 seconds, but sometimes more than a minute.

Anyway, it’s still very easy, but the result is that because it’s so easy, they only pay you very little. A typical PTC website that pays in US dollars usually doesn’t give you a penny per click, but this website pays in bitcoin. Although they use bitcoin to pay, they still don’t pay much per click, because they can only earn up to 0.00110 trillion bitcoin per click.

At first glance, this seems to be quite a lot of bitcoin just for clicking, but please note the “m” in front of BTC – which means millibitcoin, so 0.00110 million bitcoin is actually only equal to US $0.0144.

Let me reiterate that you can only earn $0.0144 per click. I think you will agree that this is a very small amount.

Is the coin legit or a scam?


Coinbulb is not a scam, but is it a good way to make money online? If you are an optimist, you may regard coinbulb as an investment, a way to store bitcoin, hoping that the value of bitcoin will soar and you will benefit from it. However, if you want to earn the real money you can use now, buy a cup of coffee or pay the bill, now may not be a good way.

Coinbulb Pros and Cons


Coinbulb Pros

  • Surfing ads don’t need to stay in focus
  • Advertising pays well

Coinbulb Cons

  • High minimum withdrawal

Coinbulb Registration


You just need to go to coinbulb and fill out the registration form.

How to make money from coinbulb?

If you don’t know, combining multiple ways to make money is a way to double your cash. This also applies to combing other non online jobs so that you can earn more. They have more than one choice for this website. My personal income from the recommendations I buy has doubled, because even when I rest, my recommendations will bring me cash.

Once you reach the minimum payment threshold amount, you can log in and withdraw income manually or even through the faucet. The minimum thresholds are 0.2 mbtc (manual) and 0.05 mbtc (faucet).

Coinbulb shows the payment on its website to prove its reliability. The last 1000 payments will be displayed.

The transaction fee is free and the miners are paid by coinbulb.

Each ad is about 10 seconds long.


Coinbulb provides a faucet. You can apply every 15 minutes. You must wait 8 seconds and solve the verification code problem. The amount you earn is random. Coinbulb claims that you can earn up to $200 in bitcoin. In most cases, we can only get one Satoshi per claim. It’s really low, and we don’t know if it’s possible to earn more than a few satoshis through claims.

If you click “view ads”, you can choose two different ads. Window advertising and surfing advertising. If you watch Surfing ads, you open a website, wait for a while, and then you can earn some satoshis. Well, you don’t have to keep the focus of the window. Like this, you can do other things while earning bitcoin. Great.

If you decide to watch some window advertisements, you must keep the focus of the window. In addition, they are exactly the same as surfing advertisements. Both types of advertising are very cost-effective. You can easily earn about 100 satoshis a day through advertising.

You don’t need to create an account to advertise on the website, and they have an anti fraud system.

Coinbulb Withdrawal


Coinbulb is a bitcoin pay per click (PTC) website that allows users to make money online by watching advertisements. You can see 15 to 20 advertisements every day, and each advertisement can get a click through rate of about 0.00005 megabits.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.15 mbtc (0.00015 BTC or 15000 Satoshi), and each payment is processed within 48 business hours.

Coinbulb Referral Program

Coinbulb offers a 15% commission if you recommend it to others. You get a commission on faucets and advertising, and your recommendation doesn’t reduce your income. You can get it directly from coinbulb as a reward for recommending friends.

Is coinbulb worth it?


Coinbulb has existed since 2016. This is a long time for the faucet, and we suspect it is a hoax. If it’s a scam, most taps won’t be online for that long. But we are sure that something annoying is happening, especially under these disgraceful terms of service. If you decide to use coinbulb, please withdraw as soon as possible. You shouldn’t invest and promote your own website on coinbulb. You’re not sure you can get what you pay. In addition, coinbulb looks great and is very easy to use. The pay for advertising is really good, but the pay for faucets is not very good.

It would be great if coinbulb could explain more clearly to users the chances of earning more from their faucets. If coinbulb decides to become more legal, it will be a great website. Until then, you can only use coinbulb at your own risk. It’s possible that you’ll lose your money. In our comments, we now have a low evaluation of it. Once we are paid and have conclusive evidence, we will update our review and raise our rating.

Although clicking on ads is simple, coinbulb’s revenue is too small and insignificant. Even if you exceed your leisure time, there are still a lot of advertisements that restrict you from clicking to earn mbtc every day.

For example, you can earn 0.001mbtc (the maximum you can earn) per click of twenty (20) ads per day, which means you can earn 0.02mbtc per day, equivalent to 0.00002btc. At the time of writing, 0.00002btc will earn you $0.18. You can’t rely on coinbulb as a source of income, even if you use coinbulb all day.



Although the income of coinbulb is insignificant, the withdrawal process may be very heavy and the total amount may be small. It is not easy to accumulate mbtc to the minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum withdrawal allowed is 0.2mbtc (0.0002btc), equivalent to US $1.82, and the processing takes about 48 hours. Coinbulb uses so much time to process such a small amount of money.

Generally speaking, pay per click online platforms, such as coinbulb, are unproductive and profitable even in the long run.

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