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What is Crex24?

The transaction costs of crex24 distinguish between buyers and manufacturers. The fee charged by participants is 0.10%, which is far lower than the global industry average. On the other hand, manufacturers charge – 0.01%, which means they make money in transactions.

This is a very attractive feature for most users, which in turn may increase the liquidity of the exchange. The withdrawal fee charged by the exchange is 0.001 BTC, higher than the industry average. Since legally encrypted transactions are allowed, deposits can be made in the form of bank transfers, credit cards and existing cryptocurrencies. However, due to restrictions on access by residents and citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Israel, the exchange is not open to all users.

Exchange supports websites designed in a modern and practical way, allowing ordinary users to browse easily. Crex24 is also active on social media because the team updates its Twitter account every day. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day and in Russian and English. Coupled with the fact that new cryptocurrency investors can use it, the exchange has a very friendly user interface, although it has an advantage over English in Russian.

Crex24 uses two-factor authentication (2fa) and encrypted connections, but user authentication is optional. Although this allows better anonymity, it may prevent users from authenticating and increase security.

How does Crex24 work?


Crex24 is an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange, which is ready to provide profitable cryptocurrency trading and investment opportunities for all cryptocurrency traders around the world. The platform was launched in 2017.

For several days, bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrency assets have been the headlines of top financial news. This is the result of its impressive market performance over the past few months and weeks. This asset class has been in full swing and has topped the market for several weeks, making huge profits for millions of investors around the world.

The latest technology in the field of encryption realizes the seamless and easy integration of bitcoin and encryption technology in various fields of daily business processes. Many enterprises now accept encrypted deposits for bill payments, goods purchases, etc. These developments have amplified the momentum of bitcoin and encryption technology becoming mainstream around the world, thus creating more market opportunities for traders and investors.

The cryptocurrency community and other activities around encryption generate billions of dollars a day. Proactive investors are rapidly taking advantage of the opportunities offered by asset classes and making huge profits from their investments every day. A popular way for investors to easily achieve this goal is to integrate the services of reliable, efficient, safe, and reliable exchange service providers.

Whether you are an aspiring investor/trader or a professional with some experience in encryption, it is crucial to ensure the services of a reliable exchange service provider. With crex24, you can safely and easily manage and monitor your financial situation while increasing your assets in a safe and enabling environment.

When looking for a suitable exchange service provider, it should be noted that there are many fraudulent exchange services. Without careful evaluation and research, they can easily become victims of their deception activities. Many times, these fake and shoddy companies use coveted products to attract unsuspecting investors and take away their hard-earned investments. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting traders and investors fall victim to this goal and often lose all or a large amount of investment and assets.

They provide the security and resources needed to successfully withstand market volatility. In addition, they also provide users with a series of additional services, such as timely information, high-tech tools, etc., to help them obtain more profits, safely deal with risks, and grow assets quickly and seamlessly.


The goal of each crex24 investor is to maximize profits and increase financial assets exponentially. To achieve this goal, you must first work with reliable and effective exchange service providers. This is critical because your exchange provider is your first support line. Crex24 provides you with secure, timely information and any other help you need to succeed in cryptocurrency.

Crex24’s timely information, professional trading tools and security are crucial to the success of any investor. In the absence of any of the above, investors may suffer heavy losses. For example, if trading tips and indicators come late, people may make the wrong trading choices or make the right choices, but it’s a little late. Security is equally important. If you will lose huge profits in the next cyberattack, it is useless to accumulate huge profits. In addition, your exchange provider should equip you with advanced tools to help you stay ahead, deal with risks and make profits easily. All of these factors must be considered when selecting an exchange service.

Crex24 research alone can be a difficult and cumbersome task. You may need weeks of intense research and advice before finding the right candidate. However, through this article, we intend to eliminate this pressure, because our expert team always works day and night, research and analysis to find high-quality and reliable exchange service providers. Crex24 is a reputable, secure and efficient exchange service provider with an excellent track record and rich tools and resources to help you easily achieve your investment goals.

Is crex24 legit or a scam?


Crex24 is a legitimate platform. Crex24, a leading cryptocurrency exchange service provider in Estonia, was launched in 2017. The exchange service platform is monitored and managed by crex24 (registered company). No. 14419665), administered by the government of Estonia. It is not common for exchanges to disclose details of their management companies on their websites. This is a good sign because it shows the positive intention of the exchange. In many cases, this indicates that the exchange is unlikely to have fraudulent intent.

Crex24 provides quite a number of transaction pair options. The platform has all top cryptocurrencies, as well as small and medium-sized cryptocurrencies and altcoins, providing investors with a large number of choices.

Crex24 has four distinctive features: security, affordable commission rate, legal deposit support and growing functions.

Crex24 Pros and Cons


Crex24 Pros

  • Multiple payment methods. Crex24 provides several very convenient legal tender payment options: bank card, e-wallet (skrill, WEBMONEY, qiwi, etc.) and e-payment platform (NETELLER, payer, etc.).
  • Coin list. Crex24 accepts other coins. To do this, they must be listed on coinmarket.cap and provide liquidity until traders begin to provide liquidity themselves. The cost of adding coins to the site is 0.03 BTC (or equivalent to 0.03 BTC).
  • A lot of coins. Crex24 provides quite a good choice of reserve currency, including some very unknown reserve currencies.
  • Graded charges. Crex24 has a tiered charging structure depending on the customer’s transaction volume in the past 30 days
  • Good platform. Crex24’s trading platform looks pretty good, providing what more advanced traders need

Crex24 Cons

  • Limit order only
  • No stop loss
  • The mobile app is missing
  • Low transaction volume
  • Location restrictions. Crex24 is likely to be located in Russia and obviously accepts customers from all over the world, except the United States and the European Union (used for cryptocurrency transactions with Fiat).
  • No leverage. Like most cryptocurrency exchanges, Crex24 does not provide leveraged trading.

Crex24 System Wallet


Crex24 adopts three-element advanced wallet system technology to help ensure the security of user assets and transactions.

  1. Cold Wallet: the cold wallet is safely kept offline at the offline location, and is not affected by Internet and network access. Before granting any access rights, the user must go through a series of authentication and authorization processes. In some cases, authorization from two crex24 executives may be required. This process helps protect the exchange platform from hackers.
  2. Hot Wallet: this wallet helps to correctly account for digital currency, especially when millions of crex24 users around the world flood in with deposit requests.
  3. Warm Wallet: this wallet is responsible for the daily cash flow of crex24 platform. This helps the daily operation of the exchange

Crex24 Registration


Registration with crex24 exchange is a prerequisite for trading or using faucets. The process of creating an account is free, with no payment in the future, and can be completed in a few minutes.

To register, click the home button “start trading” or “register” on the official website

Complete the crex24 standard form and provide:

  • E-mail
  • Password

You also check the crex24 verification code, read and agree to the terms of service.

You will receive a letter sent to the specified email address. It will contain a link to verify and confirm the registration.

At this point, the first phase is over and you can begin to get familiar with your personal account, settings, and trading platform.

How to earn from Crex24?

Crex24 provides a large number of functions, making it an excellent trading and exchange service provider for millions of users around the world.

Crypto Faucet

One advantage of crex24 is that they have their own faucets. With this technology, users can request specific cryptocurrencies at no additional cost. Usually, due to time constraints, you can only make a specific number of requests. The time interval is usually between 5 and 7 minutes (meaning you can make a new request every 5 to 7 minutes), up to one day. However, crex24 faucet changes this, allowing users to make more requests for free.

Professional Trading View

Different exchanges offer different trading views, depending on what they are trying to provide to users. There is no one size fits all view. Therefore, before deciding what kind of exchange service to cooperate with, you should also consider their trading views and know whether it is suitable for you.

Crex24 offers two transaction view variants on its website. The first feature is a compact design, including a range of tools and menu options on the exchange platform. This view is very suitable for pro investors and traders who want to see every detail on the screen without missing anything.

The second view provides a simpler and simpler view. Here, the user only needs to obtain the necessary tools and menu options for trading and selecting other options. Its purpose is to pay more attention to transactions without being disturbed by other cumbersome functions. This view is excellent for investors and traders who are new to the field of cryptocurrency.

These two views of crex24 also include order book (or at least part), order history, price list, and buy and sell menu options.


Isolation Server Technology

Crex24 adopts server isolation technology as an additional security layer to protect user assets and data. Each server is completely isolated and can only be accessed through a set of predefined complex rules, which are unique to the private network of the exchange platform. Moreover, the system also needs multi-layer gateways before granting user data access rights or performing any transactions on user funds. This makes crex24 one of the most secure cryptographic switching service providers in Estonia and around the world.

Crex24 Withdrawal

When the user withdraws BTC, crex24 charges the withdrawal amount of 0.00042 BTC. This amount is 30% lower than the average industry interest rate, and the current average industry interest rate is 0.0006 BTC for each withdrawal. Therefore, compared with global industry standards, crex24 costs are quite competitive and the price is reasonable.

Crex24 Payment Method

Crex24 offers a variety of payment options, including encryption, Fiat (wire transfer) and credit card. This lists the platform as an entry-level exchange platform (meaning that new or “entry-level” investors can start the encryption journey without purchasing encryption from a third-party provider). This makes crex24 an excellent exchange provider for new investors.

Crex24 Affiliate program


Crex24 aims to provide all its users with profitable and affordable cryptocurrency transactions. The commission rate on the platform depends on the currency and method of withdrawal or deposit. Depending on the way and nature of the transaction, the commission rate can be as low as 1%.

Rebate payments are rare. However, the platform fully supports all investors who place orders and pays the resulting fees to market makers.

Investors who complete market orders will receive commissions according to the trading volume. The larger the transaction volume, the lower the Commission, and vice versa. The minimum commission for this category is 0.06%.

Is crex24 worth it?


Crex24 exchange is still relatively young, so the trading volume is low. However, if we compare it with other new trading platforms, the exchange is developing and the trading volume is gradually increasing. In order to attract liquidity and increase the flow of new traders to the website, a free cryptocurrency distribution faucet has been launched. In general, feedback on crex24 is positive or neutral. Altcoin brokers are certainly not scams. Some comments on the Internet mentioned those inconvenient authentication procedures are possible, and sometimes the website may hang up in some browsers for a while.


Crex24 is a relatively new and small cryptocurrency exchange, mainly for Russian-speaking customers. It is not outstanding among peers, but it has some advantages we like very much. For example, there are many Fiat payment options and the possibility of using credit cards. Fees are also quite favorable. The trading platform is also quite good, with additional functions, charts and analysis tools and indicators. The number of tokens on the exchange is impressive, but this is mainly because you can choose to put your coins on the list. What we don’t like is that the information on the crex24 website is very insufficient. We have to look for some important details elsewhere for review. We can’t find anything else, such as the cost of deposits and withdrawals. In general, crex24 is a good small exchange, with some good advantages and some less obvious disadvantages.

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