My Honest Crypto Tab Review for you! Most users can only get BTC scores at most. So we’re talking about Satoshi, the smallest unit of bitcoin, which is the 8-digit decimal system.

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Is cryptotab legit or a scam?


Obviously, any application needs to go through a series of testing and verification processes in the play store before it can be downloaded on the play store. Considering the actual situation that it has been verified on the play store and applestore, and its business model, cryptotab browser becomes a reality.

Cryptotab Main functions


  1. Making money while surfing the Internet
  2. Fastest built-in mining algorithm
  3. Click to switch to the new browser


What is Crypto Tab?

Crypto tab is the world’s first browser dedicated to mining bitcoin. It has a built-in mining algorithm that allows users to earn bitcoin while surfing the Internet, watching movies or doing any other online activities.

In addition, cryptotab acts as a recommender. This means that the browser can earn bitcoin by promoting cryptotab on social media and inviting friends to join. Cryptotab was released as an extension a few years ago. By the time it was released, it had more than 10 million users.

How does Crypto Tab work?


Although the business model of the project seems completely legal, users seem to have to invite others to actually make money. Through the ten-level reference plan, most people seem to earn from the people they refer to. However, if users do not actively invest in consumption, a small part of other people’s income will be paid to them. There are many problems to be discussed in this business model.

According to the website, the team is currently operating its own bitcoin mine. As more and more people begin to use the chrome plug-in, it can be said that this process will become more efficient and users will charge more reference fees. You can continue to register for this service.

According to the calculator provided on the website, if you don’t invite others, you can’t make money. That’s not true, but it’s still a little rational. At the same time, if you don’t invite others, you can’t make money, so you need to explain why no one can use this plug-in to earn bitcoin. This should not be a big problem because it is not expensive to use. Such details make cryptotab more attractive. This is an interesting service to watch, but the company needs to clarify more about making money.

CryptoTab Pros and Cons

CryptoTab Pros

  • Payment journal
  • Support for Android and IOS
  • Support for windows and Mac operating systems

CryptoTab Cons

  • Low-income
  • May affect equipment performance
  • Unknown founder
  • Virus warning

How to make money from CryptoTab?

By installing this extension, you can shoot even if you earn less than the minimum amount of bitcoin you can withdraw. Cryptosearch is a different extension from the crypto tab. You can download it from the chrome online store. Make sure both components are installed in the browser. You don’t have to worry too much about your computer heating and power consumption. My computer’s processor is usually 48 degrees, but when I use cryptotab, it rises to about 66 degrees. You don’t have to worry until the processor temperature reaches 80 degrees. First, after using bitcoin as an extension, if you download and use your own browser, your revenue will increase by 3-4 times.

Basically, there are two ways to earn bitcoin through cryptotab. The first is mining through the browser. The second is alliance marketing, which provides rewards for recommending new users.

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, cryptotab supports browser mining for windows and Mac OS. The cryptotab browser is also available for Android and IOS devices.

Let’s quickly browse the step-by-step instructions on how to mine bitcoin through cryptotab browser.


Crypto tab Download

Download the cryptotab browser installation file from the official website.

Install it

Run the installation file to complete and confirm the installation.

Launch the cryptotab browser

You can make it the default browser and add shortcuts to the taskbar for easier use.

Set up an account

Open the settings in the drop-down menu on the right. You can sign in with your Google account or social media account. This will help you ensure that no data is lost when you reinstall your browser or log in using another device.

Activation of cryptotab

Open the cryptotab browser, click the cryptotab icon in the upper right corner to open the mining mode and adjust the mining speed.

CryptoTab withdrawal


First of all, I’ve never seen anyone fail to withdraw money. When there is enough BTC accumulation, click the zigzag line in the upper right corner, click Check or withdrawal, and then enter the information you receive from the blockchain. The money you earn within 48 hours will be deposited into your account at the latest. But the most important thing to make money is the invitation system. You’ll earn more BTCs for anyone you invite and start using cryptotab in links. BTC will not deduct these bonuses from your friends. The company will cut your own income and give it to you. Remember, the more references you have, the more you earn.

You must have a BTC wallet address to receive BTC payments from the system. On the other hand, when you run the cryptotab browser, you should reach a BTC value of at least 0.00001. Typically, when you periodically start the scanner at the beginning of the computer, it will reach this value in 4 or 5 hours. When this value is reached, you must click the three dashed lines in the upper right corner of the cryptotab browser. When you click this icon, you will see such a screen.

Cryptotab Referral program


In addition to cryptocurrency mining, the cryptotab browser also allows bitcoin to be earned through its recommender. The referral program provides incentives for sending new customers. This means that users can benefit from promoting cryptotab and inviting their friends to participate.

Cryptotab referral program as a general alliance marketing program. It provides a 10 level income pyramid, which means that the more subsidiaries you have, the higher the commission you get.

The principle of referral planning is simple. Imagine inviting a friend to start mining using the cryptotab browser. Cryptotab will then provide 15% of the bitcoin mined by your friend. If your friend persuades his friend to use cryptotab, you will get another 10% from your secondary affiliate. When the friend invites his acquaintances, the process continues until level 10.

The main way to attract new users is to actively promote on social media. Cryptotab even provides free brand materials to make your posts more attractive.

In addition, it encourages the purchase of traffic to increase mining revenue. This is a high-risk activity, especially for new activities. Remember, the return on investment may not be significant, but in the form of Satoshi, which is the 100th part of bitcoin.

Is Cryptotab worth it?


After a quick online search, the cryptotab user experience is different. Some of them claim that their monthly income can hardly exceed $15 to $25. Others earned more than $69 (unspecified time period) and were likely to be generated by referrals, including 5211 other miners.

Although referral procedures play an important role in making cryptotab more profitable, mining speed is also important. Cryptotab allows the user to select the mining speed option. Keep in mind, though, that digging at maximum speed may degrade equipment performance and heat it up, affecting the equipment.

In order to withdraw revenue from your cryptotab account, you first need to have your own bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet. The minimum extraction amount is 0.00041 BTC, which can be reduced to 0.00001 BTC by installing additional plug-ins.

When publishing cryptotab, cryptotab provides manual payment twice a day and hopes to switch to automatic mode one day. However, cryptotab shares the history of its user withdrawal transactions in the payment log.


As mentioned above, if you want to passively earn bitcoin (BTC), it is actually a risk-free adventure. The only negative risk you may face is that if you earn bitcoin by using this cryptocurrency web browser tag extension, it may significantly slow down Google Chrome. You can decide the pros and cons of using a slower computer when surfing the Internet, or you can choose when to use the crypto tab application to see if you can make enough profits to justify all mining power contributions.

One thing is certain – applications like cryptotab don’t have many choices. They give you legal possibilities and opportunities to earn bitcoin passively. Especially if you consider and compare faucets or hyip projects promoted on the Internet. Although we tend to think that everything sounds too good and unreal (in real life, especially in the field of cryptocurrency), it is likely to be so, but this may only find the best point to allow users to monetize their Internet computer capabilities in exchange for mining bitcoin by making a try decision.

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