Is EarnCrypto  Legit or Scam? In this Earncrypto review, we will try to collect various opinions from all over the Internet to see if Earncrypto is a scam. There are not many official sources of information, so much of the information you read about Earncrypto comes from public opinion.

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EarnCrypto Pros and Cons


EarnCrypto Pros

  • Global availability
  • There are many discounts every day
  • Encryption is available for free
  • Many users
  • No payment threshold

EarnCrypto Cons

  • Offer limited payment options
  • Not very user-friendly
  • The payment is very low
  • Average user interface

What is Earncrypto?

Earncrypto.com has existed for quite a long time. The initial platform obviously began in late 2016, and Earncrypto’s social media platform began in 2017. Earncrypto.com is a website that can earn cryptocurrency by completing various tasks, similar to other reward websites such as Swagbucks. In this Earncrypto review, we will study the platform, analyze whether it is legal, see how it works, and determine whether it is a scam.


Anyone can create an account on Earncrypto, and many people have obviously been paid.

Earncrypto invites people to complete small tasks to earn cryptocurrency. These tasks may include watching videos, answering surveys, clicking on advertisements, and downloading applications. The company also publicizes the small data input work and encrypted transactions that users can complete in order to obtain more rewards.

You can exchange cryptocurrency or in your wallet. According to the official website of Earncrypto, the platform provides unlimited profit in more than 100 currencies. This scheme is the reason why Earncrypto attracts users. A slogan of Earncrypto describes its operation as much better than mining.

How does earncrypto work?


Of all available tasks, downloading an application can get the most personal rewards. However, you must also complete various tasks in the downloaded application of Earncrypto to generate activities. This makes you spend much more time on this reward than watching the video content, and the score of watching the video content of earncrypto is much less.

Earncrypto not only promises to reward you with cryptocurrency, but also provides you with training on how to open and maintain your wallet. However, there are no identifiable guidelines to follow when using Earncrypto itself. When you create an Earncrypto account, the only information you receive is that every point earned on the website is converted into 0.0000009 bitcoin.

You can set your preferred currency in your profile. Bitcoin is the default currency for new users. In addition, you can use other cryptocurrencies to get rewards, such as dogecoin, dash, Ethereum, iota, litecoin, monero, ripple and zcash. In fact, many of the latest user reports on the platform come from dogecoin subreddit.

Is EarnCrypto legit or a scam?


Enrcrypto is currently a legitimate platform. Earncrypto itself is still under construction, and their “about us” page does not display any relevant information. When opening an account in earncrypto, people are most concerned about the lack of information.

After all, although the website is easy to browse and understand, it looks empty and outdated, which can not depict a beautiful picture for the company behind it. In addition to their home page, there was a twitter account that regularly posted information in 2017, but there was no official Facebook or instagram account.

Their subreddit started in 2013, but it is not active and has no more than 200 members. Nevertheless, there are still a large number of posts with recommended links and comments, which provide some interesting information for potential users of the platform.

Earncrypto has no wrong copy or non-working page, which will be a better indicator of scam. Apart from its simple user interface, it is not badly constructed. The only thing missing from your profile is the support channel, which has really attracted the attention of users. However, there is support via email at the bottom of the home page. Deleting your account is also easy, and there is a direct link in your profile settings.

How to make money from Earncrypto?

You can apply to answer surveys paid in points. In theory, you can convert these points into bitcoin. There seems to be no problem with this part. The problem with earncrypto may be whether you are lucky enough to use the platform without any problems. Most users are advised not to download the application of earncrypto, because there are malware in many applications.

In addition, if you are considering how to earn cryptocurrency, the survey may not be your best choice. Most users find that completing these surveys can be time-consuming. Recent reports indicate that each survey takes 5 to 30 minutes. This has also raised concerns that the investigation will not be accepted. You must fill out a pre survey questionnaire. This is common where you are given the opportunity to answer the survey. You can enter your personal information and the system will select surveys that may be relevant to you.

1. Win discounts

The first option you will encounter is the earn offers section. You need to fill out a questionnaire to access. After that, you will receive a code by email, which you need to enter to start making money. You must also disable your Adblock, just as you do in other reward sites.

As the main area for obtaining points, the earn offers component does not need to be filtered by task. You can access nine tasks, “providing walls,” of which the first three tasks provide walls with gold, silver, and copper markers at the top. These are wannads (first), offerto (second) and adwall (third).


We created a test account and answered the questionnaire in English and Spanish. Using the same answers in both questionnaires, we created an overview to find the survey. There is only one result, as shown in the figure below. 18 points will be obtained if you are qualified for the survey and fully answer the survey.

2. Complete the work

In addition to the money discount, you can also apply to complete the job. Users from the platform created these jobs, so there are not many jobs available. You can earn encryption by creating your own job through recommendation links, but you must be lucky to find a published job. Because the demand was so low, users quickly took them away.

3. Data entry

You must complete a short tutorial to enter the data entry section. Earncrypto uses a user interface called type is money. According to the official website, most of the work on this platform is provided between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Eastern time.

After completing this tutorial, you will go to the home screen where you will enter a few short paragraphs of text. They are usually names, addresses, and other personal information. You will get PP every time you make the correct input, but PP is different from earncrypto points. PP is only applicable to the data input part, 200 PP is equal to 1 earncrypto point, or 0.0000010 BTC.

Earncrypto pays once a day for all activities completed by the user the previous day. They pay for activities between “12 a.m. and 12 p.m. Eastern time” at 3 p.m. Eastern time, which you can see on their official website. However, users can earn bitcoin at no more than 200P. The site will pay them as long as they earn more than 10 pages a day.

This platform may confuse some users: it looks as simple as the rest of the site. There are even some spelling mistakes on its copy, but they do work. You can see your balance every time you click finish in the upper right corner. This will end the session and you can do so at any time.

4. Flowers mission

This option applies to general tasks that are not related to data entry. They can get jobs from three sources: Super rewards, wannad and individuals. You must create a superrewards account to access their tasks, and you must complete the questionnaire to view the questionnaire from wannads.

Individuals offer the same choices as when you first log in to earncrypto: you can use them to answer surveys, open a point account, and download applications. They seem to be paid more than the super rich and super rich, and there are many tasks available at any time.

EarnCrypto Withdrawal


Earncrypto does not have a fixed minimum withdrawal limit. However, you cannot withdraw less than the amount that our payment processor and exchange will send. This is usually not a problem unless you try to withdraw cryptocurrency worth less than $0.10 at a time, which is less than the transaction fee, or if a particular coin has a high minimum withdrawal requirement on the exchange.

We will push your withdrawal request to the exchange / payment processor we use, and if they refuse because the withdrawal request is too small, you will receive an email. The online exchange will not publish the minimum withdrawal amount, but we will update each coin with the minimum withdrawal amount when we find it.

Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, our payment processor and transaction all have different minimum values, but they do change. Check our proof of payment page to find out that other users are withdrawing money.

Some users may need to complete setup – > trust verification and / or reach a minimum score before exiting, which helps to establish your account as a unique user.

Is earncrypto worth it?


It’s up to you. If you are looking for a passive way to earn cryptocurrency, watching video with earncrypto is not a bad way – suppose you are willing to keep your mobile phone or computer running. You really don’t have to do anything

Another factor to keep in mind is the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Although you now get a small amount of cash, bitcoin is likely to increase significantly. Similarly, bitcoin may depreciate significantly.

Judging from the pure dollars earned per hour under the current value of bitcoin, we have to say that cryptocurrency is not worth it. The average hourly income of the survey is less than $2. You are most likely to earn less than $5 an hour.

As I explained earlier, earncrypto doesn’t actually have its own quotation. It relies on other websites and other members to provide money making opportunities for its members.

So, of course, the downside is that you can’t expect to make a lot of money from their bid, because they will get a certain percentage from their bid. This is how they make money and maintain the website. Therefore, even if they have a lot of quotations, it takes a lot of time and patience to make a lot of money. That’s why I would say that earncrypto doesn’t have good profit potential. You can’t expect to make a lot of money from it.



Although earncrypto seems to be a large developing company, there are still many deficiencies in the experience of crypto earn, at least for those who are unwilling to hold a large number of cros.

The earncrypto ecosystem does have some benefits that can’t be ignored. Exchange is very convenient, visa card also has some practicability. Since its establishment in 2016, the life of earncrypto has become shorter and shorter in this emerging industry.

Encryption earning function may be worth it for super users, especially for those energetic apy. However, if the token price of earncrypto plummeted as in the past, cros holding $5000 to $10000 just to get an additional 2% to 4% of apy may look stupid in retrospect. To be fair, if the token price of earncrypto doubles, you may not complain, just like before. Earncrypto also helps differentiate your cryptocurrency interest account platform.

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