My Honest GetZen Review for you! Getzen is a cryptocurrency faucet used to reward users playing games. Payments are made through cryptocurrency wallets, and withdrawals are said to be completed in one day.

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Is Getzen legit or a scam?


The website Getzen appears to be legal and is paying at the time of writing this comment. But this does not guarantee that Getzen will continue to pay in the future, and there will be no financial problems, so I can’t give a 100% true answer to this question. But I can tell you if it’s worth it! If you want to know whether Getzen paid when reading this comment, please check the comments below.

What is Getzen?


Getzen is a horizen faucet. You can claim horizen through a claim every day (20 hours). Unlike most faucet websites, is supported by the horizen coin project, which allows you to collect free cryptocurrency by returning advertising revenue. The horizen project aims to raise community awareness and involve more people in promoting the benefits of horizen coins. Every time you file a claim, the income will go directly into your own personal wallet, so make sure to set it up at the beginning. Getzen is friendly to mobile phones, tablets and desktops, so you can claim on any device from today!

How does Getzen work?

Getzen is a completely free crypto faucet that pays 60000 zatoshis every 20 hours. Every time you visit the faucet, you will receive a random number of zatoshis ranging from 30000 to 60000. Getzen has dozens of partners and integrations, making horizen the most available cryptocurrency on the market.

GetZen Pros and Cons

GetZen Pros

  • Multiple cryptocurrency
  • Rapid support
  • Extra 20%
  • Social support
  • The loyalty system will give you a bonus every day.

GetZen Cons

  • There is no live chat option
  • Inconvenient to use
  • Low-income
  • Payment may take 24 hours to access the desktop wallet

Getzen Key Features


Release date: August 2, 2017

Minimum withdrawal amount: There is no minimum withdrawal amount, withdraw the money automatically to your withdrawal address.

Payment processor: Zen.

Recommendation: 20% – 10% – 5% – 3%

Getzen Registration


Click here to register Getzen. Once your account is registered, you will be taken to their home page, where there is a tap to collect your password and a star picture showing your current daily winning streak.

How to make money from Getzen?


First, you need to own or create a Zen wallet. You can view their favorite wallets on their website (such as arizen, myzenwallet, Horizen core, coinomi, etc.). You need to verify on their website before you can apply. They have complete instructions there, and you must use the desktop for authentication. It must have this “verification” sign on your faucet before you can claim.

Now that your account has been registered, it’s time to start collecting Horizen for free from the two taps on their website. The faucet on Getzen is a faucet once a day, so Getzen is one of the best faucets for those who like free encryption.

Getzen faucet statement: 20 hours or 1-2 times a day: allows you to collect free Horizen by filling in the verification code challenge on its home page. This is the main way to obtain free encryption on Getzen, but as we mentioned, it is a passive and non-interference way to collect free encryption. Next, we’ll go into further detail on how to increase multipliers and the games they provide.

Blox jump game: Blox jump game is a simple click jump game. The purpose of this Getzen game is to raise the flag on the pole by jumping from one block to another. When you collect tokens and raise your level, you will be able to convert these Blox tokens into Horizencoins. Before conversion, you need to collect at least 250 Blox tokens.

Increase the claim Multiplier: when you claim from Getzen faucet only once or twice a day, you want to make as much use of these claims as possible. Getzen allows you to do this in several different ways and may more than double your claim rate! First, you will automatically link your email, which will increase your multiplier by. 2x. Then, when you link your Facebook, Twitter and INS accounts, you can double, 1.2 or 1.9 times your claim multiplier, respectively.


Second, you can download the brake browser and use it to claim, which will give you an additional 20% claim bonus. Third, by downloading Zen wallet and verifying the wallet, you can get 1.5x double bonus on the wallet. Fourth, the more Zen you accumulate in the verified Zen wallet, you can get up to three times the “sweet hodl” bonus! Finally, this is your daily loyalty bonus claimed on Getzen for 6 consecutive days, and you will receive the reward multiplier shown below. Once you reach day 5, you will receive a round of bonus (make sure to click on the top star to get it), and you will have the opportunity to earn $5. After 6 consecutive days, your daily loyalty bonus will be reset and you will start working again.

Day 2: 1.05x reward

Day 3: 1.1x reward

Day 4: 1.15x reward

Day 5: 1.2x bonus + bonus round

Day 6: 1.25x reward

Getzen withdrawal

One of the best features on Getzen is automatic payment after claim. After you file daily claims for horizen, you will deposit these claims directly into your wallet without any effort. To start, make sure you set your wallet address on the my rewards page. Click here to find the latest payment voucher for nice to meet you!

Getzen daily Loyalty Bonus

Getzen has an interesting daily loyalty reward. If you use the faucet for five consecutive days, you are eligible for a round of Zen reward, up to 0.25 Zen to 1 Zen! The bonus multiplier increases Zen’s daily claim amount from 1.2 times on the first day to 1.8 times on the fifth day. Plus the bonus round, you can get up to 1 Zen.

Getzen special recommendation bonus

If you invite your friends through a unique recommendation link, each recommendation will win you a special bonus. You can win up to 1 Zen game for each round of bonus!

GetZen Youtube Video

Is Getzen worth it?

Before selecting Zen wallet, you must ensure that it is secure and has exchange options. When they stopped allowing binance’s Zen address, I turned to horizen wallet Zen. I must say it was a wrong decision. I have used binance before because it has a swap option. I can swap my Zen to BTC. But on horizen wallet Zen, doesn’t have this option. The only thing I can do is earn and wait for my balance to reach the minimum amount required for sending, and then transfer my Zen to the wallet with exchange. Now, I can no longer open my Zen wallet from horizen wallet Zen, so all zens I get from horizen faucet Zen are wasted. So, if you want to try this faucet, I suggest you check the wallet they allow, and then find a safe one with a swap card (don’t be like me).

Using Getzen doesn’t have many disadvantages. Although I don’t use much now, I’m still disappointed with the encrypted password I obtained on horizen wallet Zen (but it’s not the fault of Getzen faucet, it’s the fault of wallet!), I can still confirm that this is a good faucet with a lot of bonuses. Of course, it is a consistent legal payer.



In the above Getzen review, I tried to share my experience and views on Getzen. Getzen is legal and very good. It can make a profit without investment. When I have a lot of money, all I have to do is transfer my profits to binance. You can make huge profits as long as you claim every day.

Please share your comments, experience, payment, etc. in the comments below. This helps people learn more about Getzen.

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