My Honest Globalhive Review for you! I met Globalhive while studying Zcash. They are legal and send zcash (Zec) to me every 24 hours once I log in and apply. Of course, more than a week later, it is now worth only 2 cents, but Globalhive is still free! There are some ways to link Globalhive to social media so that you can increase your traffic, but I haven’t posted on major social media sites, so I haven’t done so yet.

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Is Globalhive legit or a scam?

Globalhive is a legitimate platform. We found that this faucet is a good way to easily and quickly earn zcash, which works with wallets like Exodus or binance. This does not mean any risk or waste of time, as it does not take five minutes to file a claim.

What is Globalhive? is a zcash faucet. You can declare cryptocurrency through daily (20 hour) statements. Like most faucet websites, allows you to collect cryptocurrencies for free. It also depends on the advertising revenue you generate for them when you visit their websites and the recommendation of other products (such as brake). In turn, Globalhive will reward you with free zero cash. Every time you file a claim, the income will go directly into your own personal wallet, so make sure to set it up at the beginning. Globalhive supports mobile, tablet and desktop computers, so you can claim on any device from today!

How does Globalhive work?


Globalhive was originally tezos (xtz). Then one day, because Globalhive was under maintenance, it became unavailable. I thought it was over until a few days later, I received the following email from global hive:

Now, I have tried to verify whether the tezos foundation has implemented a protocol fee of 0.25 xtz for each new wallet address. But so far, no evidence has been found to support Globalhive’s claim.

Faucet statement: 24 hours or once a day: allows you to collect free zcash by filling in the verification code challenge on its home page. This is the only way to get free encryption on Globalhive, but as we mentioned, it is a passive and non-interference method to collect free encryption. Next, we will introduce how to increase the multiplier in further detail.

Increase the claim Multiplier: when you claim from the faucet only once a day, you want to make as much use of these claims as possible. Globalhive allows you to do this in several different ways and may increase your claim rate by more than twice! First, you will automatically link your email, which will increase your multiplier by. 1 times. Then, when you link your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts, you can double, 1.2 or 1.9 times your claim multiplier, respectively. Second, you can download the brake browser and use it to claim, which will give you an additional 10 times the claim bonus. Finally, you can receive a daily loyalty bonus on Globalhive for 5 consecutive days, and you will receive the reward multiplier shown below. Once you reach day 5, you will receive a round of bonus (make sure to click on the top star to get it), and you will have the opportunity to earn $5. After 6 consecutive days, your daily loyalty bonus will be reset and you will start working again.

Day 1: 1.2x reward

Day 2: 1.4x reward

Day 3: 1.6 times reward

Day 4: 1.8x reward

Day 5: 2x bonus + bonus round

Globalhive Pros and Cons

Globalhive Pros

  • Simple script
  • Use bravery to get extra rewards
  • Connect to social media accounts for more rewards
  • 4 levels of recommended users
  • 9 languages

Globalhive Cons

  • There is no more way to make money
  • No advertising banners

Globalhive key features

Coin: zcash

Payment processor: wallet with zcash address

Claim time: every 20 hours

Payment: automatically to your withdrawal address

Recommendation: Level 1 recommendation: 5%, level 2 recommendation: 3%, level 3 recommendation: 2%, level 4 benchmark: 1%

Global hive registration


Click here to register Globalhive. Once your account is registered, you will be taken to their home page, where there is a tap to collect your password and a star picture showing your current daily winning streak.

How to make money from Globalhive?


This is the difference between Globalhive and all the popular concepts I know so far. Because what’s special about Globalhive is that you can get multiples quickly and for free.

For example, if you only provide your email address, you will only receive 10% of the actual claim value. If you link your Google account to your email address, you will receive 10 times the normal claim value. If you link to other accounts, you’ll get more. It can also be used to download the brake browser and use the brake browser purely. Since I joined Globalhive, I have used a brave browser at least once a day to put forward my ideas and obtained a considerable zcash value. Well, it’s automatically credited to my deposit account. I don’t have to do anything for it.

Now that your account has been registered, it’s time to start collecting zcash from the faucet on their website for free. The faucet on Globalhive is a daily faucet, so Globalhive is one of the best faucets for those who like free cryptocurrency.

Globalhive Withdrawal

One of the best features on Globalhive is automatic payment after claims. After you apply for zcash every day, you can deposit the application directly into your wallet without any effort. To start, make sure you set your wallet address on the my rewards page. Click here to find the latest proof of payment from nice to meet you!

Globalhive Referral Program


For each active recommendation on the faucet (register using the link in the recommendations tab), you will receive a round of bonus, which gives you the opportunity to win up to 1 Zec!

Unlike almost all other services on the market, Globalhive also provides an excellent opportunity to build sustainable passive revenue. Because it’s very worthwhile to recruit new members here. Globalhive offers more than 4 levels of living Commission, otherwise it is only applicable to paidmailer in Germany.

We hope other service organizations can come up with this idea and provide this service in the future, so that the faucet will be more valuable. At present, Globalhive provides 10% at the first level, 5% at the second level, then 3%, and still 2% at the fourth level. Clever!

Is Globalhive worth it?

Even if you think the service only provides a small part of the cryptocurrency zcash, we must say that Globalhive sets the standard from the script. Operators seem to be headquartered in the Netherlands, which once again shows that they are innovative, modern, but user-friendly. We can really recommend Globalhive and believe that it will become the future star of the faucet industry.


In fact, I didn’t invent the second-generation faucet technology. That’s what they wrote on their blog. Please have reservations about some of Globalhive’s ideas. When I saw that we would provide orphans with a new start, I almost choked on dinner.

But ignoring all the publicity, the most important thing is that the global honeycomb company immediately pays Zec to your zcash wallet. That’s the most important thing.



What is the Zec address?

The Zec address is where you can receive our cryptocurrency Zec. In order to obtain an address, you need to install a wallet first. For this purpose, you can visit the zcash official wallet page. Please feel free to choose the one that suits you. If you are new to cryptocurrency, we recommend that you visit the horizen academy and read its educational content. You can start by reading our article what is a wallet. This content is completely free!

How often does Globalhive pay?

Pay every minute to optimize server performance.

What if I don’t have a salary? Have you used a foreign exchange account?

If you are using an exchange account:

The exchange may have a minimum deposit limit, which is usually higher than the small amount on the faucet, so the small balance that does not exceed the lower limit will not be displayed on your exchange address.

If your exchange account has a minimum block confirmation number, the transaction will be displayed until the required number of blocks specified by the exchange is confirmed, which may take several hours. Depends on the number of blocks to be confirmed. On average, one block is mined every 1 minute (since this is an average time, the mining time of each block may be different).

Error message: Globalhive does not allow agents due to tap abuse

Since VPN and proxy are some tools that can be used for malicious use of faucets, we decided to prohibit them in the short term, but because we attach importance to privacy, we will implement a better solution in the near future.

Can’t claim 20 hours after your last claim?

The actual rule of faucet is that each user has only one public IP address. Unfortunately, some Internet service providers recycle the public IP address, so there may be two different faucet users with the same IP.

Temporary solution: change the network and try to connect to Globalhive again.

Use your mobile data to claim on the faucet.

Try using a different network when declaring on the faucet.

Error message: your IP registration account already exists in the system

The reason for this problem is the same as described in the previous answer. Please try to do the same: change the network and try to register again.

Use your mobile data to claim on the faucet.

Try using a different network when declaring on Globalhive.

Can I check my payment or bonus round history?

Yes, under the history tab, you can view your application and bonus round history.

Why is my asterisk counter reset to zero?

Every time you miss a reward period (claim interval of 20 to 30 hours), the number of stars will be reset to zero. When the asterisk counter reaches five stars, a round of rewards will be activated. When applying, the asterisk counter will be reset to zero.

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