My Honest Koiniom review for you! Koiniom is a PTC website. It not only provides PTC advertisements, but also provides some good advertisements. They are like a surfing bar.

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Is Koiniom legit or a scam?

Koiniom is a legit platform. At the beginning of 2021, koiniom also offered the possibility of earning coins from faucets. It is located in the instrument panel on the far right. However, the faucet is not a real faucet, but a paid Short link. Nevertheless, we are certainly happy with the new money making opportunities, so you can earn more than before. You can click on the tap every 4 hours to win, and then you have to wait again.

Koiniom Overview

Koiniom used to be Kickass Traffic. It is a PTC website. It not only provides PTC advertising, but also provides some excellent advertising. Its function is similar to other advertising surfing websites (such as adbtc and coinpayu). Koiniom crypto faucet has been online since 2016 and registered in the United States. You can also find their twitter account here, which was also registered in 2016, and the trustpilot account they created in 2020. The trustpilot account recently created is likely due to the brand change of kickasstraffic. Unfortunately, we can’t find more information about the owner, although this is normal for other encrypted faucet websites that provide free bitcoin. However, you can submit comments to trustpilot, tweet to their twitter account, or email their support directly [email protected]

Koiniom uses a unique script and the website is visually attractive. To start making money, you must first have a tap payment account (register here), select the coin you want to make money, and then click the “get free password” button next to your address. An overlay will then appear showing your data and allowing you to choose between active window advertising, view advertising, and quote wall. Note that you can change the cryptocurrency type by selecting this option in BTC; You can also win dogecoin, Ethereum and dash.

Koiniom can also be used to market your own website. You only need to generate some advertisements for other users to view. You can promote your blog, your own PTC website or recommended links to other websites in this way.

How does Koiniom work?


It has been online since 2016 and is located in the United States. Unfortunately, we can’t find any information about its owner, but this is very common on websites that provide you with the possibility of earning bitcoin.

Koiniom uses a completely unique script, and the website looks very good. It’s not intuitive, but you’ll get used to it in a few minutes. You need to click “start making money” to do something. Then an overlay will pop up, where you can see your statistics. You can choose between “active window advertisement”, “view advertisement” and “quotation”.

You can also use koiniom to promote your own website. You just need to create some ads for other users to watch. Like this, you can promote your blog or your own PTC website, or a recommendation link to other websites, which is your choice.

Koiniom Pros and Cons

Koiniom Pros

  • Beautiful design
  • Some advertisements are like surfboards
  • Advanced referral program
  • You can advertise

Koiniom Cons

  • Lost referees in the past
  • It’s hard for beginners
  • Sometimes login problems occur

Koiniom features

The ads you see are usually worth 7 to 30 Kate coins or Satoshi. Usually about 10 or more advertisements can be viewed every day. So how much money you can make with koiniom depends on the number of advertisers. If you are using other bitcoin faucets or PTC websites, koiniom is a good website to pay membership fees.

Koiniom main features

Date of creation: 2016

Scripts: unique

Free website: Yes

Language: English

Daily advertisement: ≅ 10

Commission: Yes

Revenue share: No

Cryptocurrency: BTC, dash and dogecoin

Minimum cash: 1500 coins

Extraction time frame: fast, most of the time within 24 hours

Payment Method: bitcoin, dash, dogecoin, faucet payment

How to make money from Koiniom?


“Active window advertising” is the first and best way to earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on koiniom. Their operation is similar to ordinary advertising surfing; Start them, observe for a few seconds, and then click next. You must actively click the next button and the window must remain in focus to run, but it is still very simple. The only drawback is that if you switch to another window for one second and then return, the timer may stop working. Koiniom’s active window advertising revenue is the best part of the time revenue ratio, and we recommend completing all available advertising every day.

Koiniom’s second choice is “view ads”. It works like a typical PTC website. You can watch advertisements, answer verification codes, and then receive satoshis. Because these advertisements don’t need your attention, you can see them while doing other things.

Koiniom also offers multiple quotations. An offer is the same as an offer anywhere else. You face the same problem. If you have tracking problems, you cannot rely on koiniom; Instead, you must contact the bidder’s support department directly. When tracking doesn’t work, you’re usually unlucky and can’t be reimbursed. However, if you are a user, have made a quotation on other websites and successfully obtained payment, this is the most profitable way to make money on koiniom.

Starting this year, koiniom began to offer the opportunity to earn coins through the faucet. It’s on the far right of the dashboard. However, the faucet is a paid Short link, not a real faucet. Nevertheless, we are ecstatic about the new profit potential and you will be able to earn more than before. You can click on the tap and earn it every 4 hours, after which you have to wait again.

The first and best way to earn bitcoin in koiniom is “active window advertising”. They work like surfbars. You start them, observe them for a few seconds, and then click next. You must manually click next, and the window needs to remain in focus to work, but it’s still very simple. The only drawback is that if you switch to another window for a second and then return, the timer may stop working. This is a bug and we hope they can fix it soon because it’s really annoying.

The second thing you can do at koiniom is “watch advertising”. Its working principle is the same as that of an ordinary PTC website. You look at the advertisement, decode the verification code, and then get your satoshis. Advertising doesn’t need to stay focused, which is why you can do other things while watching. But they are still very boring because you have to solve the verification code problem after each advertisement. Your income is too small, because most advertisements only give you three satoshis. It’s not worth your time.

Koiniom also offers different quotations. Quotation is the same as other places, you also face the same problem. If you encounter tracking problems and you cannot rely on koiniom, you must contact the bidder’s support personnel directly. In most cases, although you are unlucky and unpaid, tracking still doesn’t work.

Koiniom Payment Proof


Koiniom affiliate program

You can get 30% of your recommended income. Your recommendation will not earn less. Koiniom will pay you a commission as a bonus. But that’s not all. Koiniom also pays 15% of all the expenses your recommender spends on advertising. Koiniom also offers three different levels. You can also get a 10% profit from each recommendation and a 5% profit from the third level. This means that if you succeed in getting some very positive recommendations, and they also recommend a lot of people to koiniom, you can still benefit from it. This is a model mainly used on German websites. We are not aware that any other encryption related websites use more than one level of recommender. Remember, these three levels only apply to spending money on advertising.


Is Koiniom worth it?

Koiniom adopts very modern design and unique script; It is also SSL secure and has been active and paid for more than 5 years. This shows that koiniom’s owners have invested a lot of energy in the design and maintenance of faucets. Active window advertising is easy to set up and the charge is reasonable. Although the profit of other claim methods is lower than that of active window advertising, it is still a good faucet and can be used together with other PTCs we use, such as adbtc and coinpayu. In general, koiniom is a good website that can be added to your daily claim plan. We recommend it. To view the latest payment voucher for koiniom faucet, click here and register the faucet now!


Koiniom looks really modern. It has a unique script, which is also protected by SSL. This shows that koiniom’s owners have put a lot of effort into the design. Sadly, revenue can’t keep up with good design because advertising doesn’t pay enough back, especially because you have to solve the verification code after each advertisement.

But Koiniom is still worth your time because active window advertising is really easy to do and the payment is good. Not very good, but it’s still OK. When you switch windows once, the timer will go wrong, which is really annoying. Koiniom would be better if the administrator fixed the bug. But for now, Koiniom is a good website. There are better websites, but there are also many worse websites.

Koiniom ensures that all members are real by using CAPTCHA to verify their identity. This means that the traffic quality provided by kickass is real. Promoting your business on Koiniom is very cheap, as low as $0.99/1000 views. This traffic is perfect if you have a website about cryptocurrencies, such as pay per click or investment. But you can do whatever you want, as long as it’s not an adult website or anything illegal.

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