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Spells of Genesis features

Spells of Genesis is in the final stage of beta testing, so any achievements in the game will eventually be reset. Once the game is fully started, testers may receive BCY rewards. The game is free, and users can make money by collecting valuable cards and selling them.

The game starts with a few cards. You can win gold medals and crystals by defeating your opponent in battle. Gold can be used to summon new cards, and crystal can be used to provide energy for your creatures. You can create a deck of cards based on the cards you receive and create a strategy.

Spells of genesis Overview


Spells of Genesis (SOG) is a blockchain based puzzle game with the feeling of fantasy RPG. Because it features characters on digital cards, it can also be described as a collectable card game (CCG). Spells of Genesis can be played on IOS or Android devices or through PC web browser. This article will explain how to obtain s

How does spells of Genesis work?


Spells of Genesis’s spell game consists of a series of levels that correspond to areas on the mountain map. At first, the upper area of the map is obscured by clouds.

When the elevation is complete, the cloud moves up to show the higher elevation area.

Click an area to start the level of the area. At the bottom of the screen is your character. Above them are enemies and obstacles.

A magical light beam extends from your character image. If you touch the beam on your mobile device, or click and hold the beam on your PC, you can reposition the beam to point in a different direction.

If you let go of this beam, a beam of magical energy will shoot from your character and hit anything in front of it. Bolt’s behavior is similar to billiards.

It may hit the enemy, bounce off the wall, hit the enemy again, destroy the box in the back, or do anything else you expect the missile to do.

Once you finish shooting the enemy with your first character, your next character will be able to turn. However, the enemy has a counter that tells you how many turns you can make before they attack.

If you don’t kill the enemy before the enemy’s indicator returns to zero, it will fire an energy arrow at any character directly below it, causing damage to that character.

Each role has two properties. The first attribute tells you the damage your character does when shooting an enemy.

The second tells you how much damage a character can take before he dies. If you’ve ever played magic: parties or other CCGs, this should be familiar.

There is a green health bar at the top of each enemy icon. When your character deals damage to it, the life bar will run out. When it disappears completely, the enemy will be destroyed.

If you kill your enemies before they kill all your characters, you win. If all your characters die before you kill all your enemies, you lose.

After completing the level, more maps will be unlocked. This allows you to accept greater challenges, including levels with mobile boxes and other more complex obstacles.

Are spells of Genesis legit or a scam?


Spells of Genesis is a magic card game with arcade elements suitable for mobile devices. It is based on bitcoin blockchain. The ownership of some cards is powered by the blockchain and can be verified through the blockchain. In askian’s Fantasy Kingdom, players collect spheres and fight. These cards have the following parameters: rarity, health, speed, and spells. These cards can be upgraded or mixed. These cards can be traded through the book of spheres. Spells of Genesis is a legal platform.

Pros and cons of spells of Genesis


Spells of Genesis pros

Secured system: online games using cryptocurrency provide a higher level of security because it uses a powerful cryptocurrency level to protect transactions. They provide customers with a high degree of anonymity because hiding their identity is a top priority. Third parties do not have access to your financial information.

Fast payment: crypto games provide a very fast payment mode because there is no need for third parties such as banks or credit companies. In addition, there are no chargeback issues related to credit cards.

Awesome bonuses: casinos that use cryptocurrency offer generous bonuses to their customers, and some even offer deposit bonuses.

Spells of Genesis Cons

Although the system is secure, it can not be protected from hacker attacks, because many hacker attacks have been recorded in the transaction process.


Spells of Genesis registration

Most blockchain games require you to have a metamask wallet and some cryptocurrencies to play. However, this is not the case with spells of Genesis.

Most of the functions of the game run on a centralized server. Therefore, you do not need any cryptocurrency or special software to start playing.

To start the game, please visit the official website of spells of Genesis.

How to profit from spells of genesis?


Click play now for free. You will see a button to download the mobile version of the game. If you want to play on your PC, scroll up to the browser version button.

Click play or install on PC / Mac and open the mobile version.

If this is your first time playing the game, the tutorial will start automatically.

When you complete a level in the game, you will get money and random cards.

There are three types of coins: gold, crystal and gem. These currencies can be used to purchase random cards from credit card stores.

Once you get an additional card, you can replace the characters you currently have with the characters displayed on the new card.


Cards can also be upgraded instead of swapped out. Upgrading a card will increase the character’s attributes at the cost of crystal. When the character reaches the highest level, it cannot be upgraded again.

The highest level card can be fused with the same card at the same level. This will create a new and more powerful card. For example, combining two 1 / 6 Botox drug sellers will produce a 1 / 7 Botox snake fisherman.

Once a new card is created through fusion, it can continue to upgrade until it reaches the highest level again.

A card can be fused up to four times and then upgraded to the maximum again. This will create the highest level card type in the game, a four in one, highest upgraded card.

These types of cards can be blockchained or converted into decentralized blockchain assets.

If you get a card you don’t want, you can give it to the crystal. This is called card crystallization.

Spells of Genesis is mainly a centralized game running on the developer server. If you just want to have fun, you don’t have to use any new technology.


However, if you want to collect SOG blockchain cards, the following is the technical working principle of these cards.

Spells of Genesis uses a system called bit crystals. Bitcrystal is a smart contract protocol developed specifically for games. It allows the game to create unique tokens for in-game assets.

All purchase and sale transactions of these game assets are recorded in the bitcrystal system, which is not controlled by developers and allows decentralized ownership.

Bitcrystal runs on the counterparty platform, which is a general smart contract platform running on the bitcoin blockchain. The counterparty encodes the smart contract transaction as additional data in the bitcoin transaction.

Theoretically, the use of counterparties should make bitcoin more secure than other game platforms, because bitcoin blockchain has the most powerful hashing capability in all blockchain networks (therefore, it is the most secure in dual consumption attacks).

However, it should also provide the advantages of other smart contract platforms (such as Ethereum).

Despite this security, bit crystals are not as popular as other game platforms using Ethereum, such as emont, loom or Enjin coin.

The liquidity of its local currency BCY is lower than that of other platforms. This may cause problems for users because they will have to sell their SOG cards for BCY and use BCY to buy them.

Collectors considering purchasing SOG cards should keep these advantages and disadvantages in mind when making decisions.

Spells of Genesis Withdrawal


1. Orb Explorer

Go to orb explorer. You can access it directly from the browser or desktop in Casa tookan wallet.

You will also receive an email with a direct link to your address balance. You may also need to unlock your wallet first – metamask. Click “my account” in the upper right corner and unlock the wallet.

2. Address of the first Oasis

Click the first oasis wallet address.

On the desktop, you can find it under the QR code.

3. Select the card to withdraw

Now you can see all the spheres (cards) in the first oasis wallet.

Click the undo button under the orb image.


4. Select blockchain

Select the blockchain from which to extract the card. If you have only one address bound to your account, you can only withdraw money here.

More about wallet and blockchain options.

5. Verification and validation

Our system will verify that the card you requested is available on the selected block chain.

Then click the “withdraw” button to confirm your selection.

6. Sign the message

Now, you need to sign a message to confirm that the wallet card you want to retrieve is yours. Click “confirm”.

After that, the withdrawal will be completed and you will see a confirmation message.

7. Congratulations!

You have successfully removed your card from the selected block chain!

Now you can send it to other players, transfer it to other wallets or sell it in the market.

Spells of Genesis Referral Program


Spells of Genesis will email you your personal recommendation code within 30 minutes.

You can tell your friends how great spells of Genesis is and share your code with them.

When a friend of yours creates Spells of Genesis account and starts the game, you will get your gift! And your friends.

Is Spells of Genesis worth it?

In preparing this review, we spent hours playing spells of Genesis. The game has a good tutorial system, which is easy to learn how to play.

Figuring out which direction to shoot in is a very satisfying challenge.

In some cases, the enemy can be defeated by hitting the side of the enemy and making it hit another enemy.

In other cases, it is best to hit the enemy and make him hit a nail on the side of the building. But we must be careful not to shoot a nail because it will hurt our character.

We also found that trying to kill the enemy with a low counter is an effective strategy to limit damage to our own team.

In short, we found that spells of Genesis is a very interesting game. In fact, we found it more interesting than any other “blockchain game” We reviewed in the past.


But before you buy a complete set of SOG cards, we must point out that spells of Genesis is not a real blockchain game.

Yes, you can buy blockchain cards and use them in the game. That’s cool. But you don’t really need these cards. We found that as long as there are cards in the game, we can go far.

Therefore, at this point, it is unclear why future collectors want blockchain SOG cards.

If it’s hard for us to answer this question now, collecting cards now may not be a good idea.

In the future, developers may launch some kind of multiplayer SOG.

If this happens, we can imagine that these cards are valuable only because you can get stimulation from playing these rare cards with your opponent.

However, before we see some evidence that this will happen, this may be the best game to use only free cards.

So, yes. This is a very interesting game and worth playing, especially when you are far away from the computer and can only use mobile devices. But no, we may find something better to collect or invest in.



Spells of Genesis is a typical win-win game. Although you can play for free, developers have put a lot of thought into the game, so no matter where you are, carrots are always hanging in front of you, just out of your reach.

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